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Test of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samstag, 29. Dezember 2012

Galaxy Note 10.1 should not be considered in the same way an iPad or a Galaxy Tab. The product is much less public interest, however, in some specific applications. With his pen and Wacom technology behind it, people who want to use a tablet for use creation tools requiring more accurate than our big fingers will be pleased to find in this tablet an interesting alternative.

More DetailsUn day, the Wikipedia page dedicated to announce tablets in its preamble that this type of device has been designed by Microsoft, and marketed by Apple popularized by Samsung.

Ipad’s business strategy is always the same: to flood the market with numerous products and see what sells best. In this game there is the Galaxy Note, this product as a small child in a court recreates a hard time choosing his “band” between Smartphones Tablets, which has most surprised. So we had a side smartphones with screens about 4 inches and the other 7-inch tablets or 10 inches, Samsung has decided to offer a product attached. But make phablet (smartphone and tablet at a time) in a screen of 5.3 inches needed to adapt a bit the way they used this type of product: beyond the grave and reappeared the stylus so dear to the 1990s.

After the surprising success, Samsung has decided to invest a little more niche tablet + pen this year. There is of course the Galaxy Note 2 but also a new member in the family: the Galaxy Note 10.1. This 10-inch tablet takes the best Galaxy Note adapting to really use tablet. Remains to be seen what gives this product compared to other tablets. Is the pen is as relevant as 10 inches by 5 inches? What does the pen in daily use? There’s there a real difference in use? Highly critical as many questions as we will try to elucidate through this test.

I-shape, sides and small defects

Contents of the box:

In the box accompanying the precious tablet, there is a USB cable to connect the Galaxy Tab to a PC or a Mac and an AC adapter. Samsung also delivers in-ear headphones with mic and button, something that others do not find useful. Apart from that, you will also get small booklets including one explaining the interface and use the stylus.

Technical and Design:

PLS 10-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels

processor quad-core Exynos 4412 clocked at 1.4 GHz with 2 GB of memory (RAM)

1.9 megapixel front camera and a 5-megapixel camera with 1080p video recording on the back

GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (a / b / g / n) – a 3G version is

7000 mAh battery

16 GB of storage (a 32GB version is also available)

Android Ice Cream Sandwich, with an update planned soon to Jelly Bean

262 x 180 x 8.9 mm 600g

Regarding features, 2 GB of RAM is a surprise, but do not expect amazing performance because it is mostly additions Samsung made on the system that require to be a memory too large for the system is fluid. Matter, for you it will be totally transparent and you will not notice the difference compared to another tablet.

Level measurements, the Galaxy Note is wider than the iPad but less high, the fault to a different format (4:3 for the iPad, the Galaxy Note to 16:9). Above all, it is thinner and lighter.

The battery for Dell Inspiron 1440 is as big as the New iPad but it will be interesting to see if the consumption is the same as knowing the couple hardware + software is to the advantage of the iPad that Apple mastering each element in the Unlike Samsung Android that adapting that can not always for consumption elsewhere.

At the design of the product itself, Samsung has inspired what he had done for the Galaxy Tab. Failure to copy the competition, or even copy avoids trial. We find two speakers on each side of the screen. Or where it may seem like a detail, you will quickly realize that this is not one.

Indeed, the iPad, the speaker is unique and located on the back of the unit. Except that when you look at something, you look weird with the screen in front of you. Rather than having to choose between the screen and sound bad or very good sound and no picture, Samsung chose to have both at the same time and on the same side. In addition, nothing to spoil, Samsung has opted for speakers of good quality – nothing to do with what we have had with the Archos Gen 10 101 XS for example.

Let’s talk about color: as the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 10.1 is available in two versions: white or dark gray. It is this last version we tested and the colors that appear in picture are not exactly those that emerge when looking at the product.

Before moving on to detail slice by slice, make a small turn by the general impression: I must say that it is rather yuck wow. Unlike the iPad, which uses the finest materials and expensive (metal), Samsung chose the cheap and affordable (what plastic). It shows a product that does not really want to be taken over and attracts very visible fingerprints. I think that zooming in on the photo below, you can easily add my fingerprints to the police file. It’s not super great and if you are or want to become a terrorist, go your way because this dell latitude e6500 is too risky.

The other consequence is a feeling of not strength. Try twisting an iPad with both hands, you will especially twisting your wrist. With the Galaxy Tab 10.1, we recommend you to try because it is not you who will take but the tablet. Note the advantage of the hospital is that you are paid, can not be said for the service but it’s still up to you what you prefer.

To continue on what is seen when looking at the product side, we find the camera on the front and a light sensor. However, the quality is rather poor so do not count on it to send the great photos to your friends when you’re on the other side of the world on a paradise beach.

Take advantage of the presence of the light sensor to evoke a function incorporated in the system, the adjustment of the brightness of the display automatically according to the brightness of the surroundings. We were very disappointed by this function but it is usually on the shelves, adaptation to light context that is often improved.

Now speak of the screen. If we were a teacher and we had to fill out the report card of the tablet to “screen” you would write “could do better”. We must admit that 1280 × 800 is sufficient for a tablet but the iPad Retina us to want more. Especially since the screen is not even 1080p unlike many competitors. In terms of color, rendering the air less accurate than other screens but here we go in a more personal opinion and others may think differently.

About the brightness of the screen: at its peak, the screen is very visible in low light while it is lower than the iPad which is a very good thing. I often watch programs catching up on a shelf when it’s very dark around me and I appreciate a backlit display as possible. The Galaxy Note 10.1 is better able to satisfy me that the iPad at this level, I am delighted.

On the bottom, we find the 10-pin connector very similar to Apple before its proposed range of mobile products. Samsung change he to go to a copy of the port lightning? It was not until season 2 of “patents are great and the copy is even more awesome” to know and as you say the suspense is almost unbearable. Stop joking, operation is exactly similar to what on an iPad so if you have an iPad and you think switcher to a Galaxy Tab 10.1, you will not be disturbed.

Also note a microphone to the connector right because everything you say can be used against you it must be a microphone to record our conversations on Skype hectic.

Now on to the top. We can see from left to right: the jack, the infrared sensor, the microSD slot, volume buttons and the on / off button.

If the placement of the on / off buttons are logically above, we are more cautious for the volume buttons. Instead of being faced with a vertical up and down button, we are faced with a button left and right which is not very explicit to raise or lower the volume. We would have preferred to see on the side of the unit, it would have been explicit.

Good for the infrared sensor which will use the Galaxy Tab 10.1 as a remote control. By cons, putting the jack port on top is not very relevant since the cable will then come to rest on the screen to reach the ears, unless you pass underneath. Again, we would have preferred to have it on the side as much as the iPad tablet is size 16, 9, is used most often in landscape mode. Note that we have not removed all the plastic as you can see from the infrared sensor. This is not a defect or anything, just the protection when you receive the product.

Finish our tour virtual tour of the unit through the back of it.

Again, fingerprints are very visible even if it does not necessarily see in the picture. Little to say except that the rear camera is average (it is always better than less) but again for your vacation photos, consider a dedicated device rather than using the tablet.

Another essential element for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and visible to the rear, the S stylus pen. It fits into a space dedicated to the back of the tablet to avoid losing it. Once out of its location, the software will display TouchWiz new options but we will come back a little later in the test.

Shorter than a real pen, it fits comfortably in your hand and is very light. It has a physical button and 1024 levels of pressure. Well, that is what the documentation says because in reality 1024 levels or 512, I’m not really sure you see the difference. A note referring to the pen than any Wacom pen will do if you lost your S Pen since it is the same technology.

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