Test of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

29. Dezember 2012

Galaxy Note 10.1 should not be considered in the same way an iPad or a Galaxy Tab. The product is much less public interest, however, in some specific applications. With his pen and Wacom technology behind it, people who want to use a tablet for use creation tools requiring more accurate than our big fingers will be pleased to find in this tablet an interesting alternative.

More DetailsUn day, the Wikipedia page dedicated to announce tablets in its preamble that this type of device has been designed by Microsoft, and marketed by Apple popularized by Samsung.

Ipad’s business strategy is always the same: to flood the market with numerous products and see what sells best. In this game there is the Galaxy Note, this product as a small child in a court recreates a hard time choosing his “band” between Smartphones Tablets, which has most surprised. So we had a side smartphones with screens about 4 inches and the other 7-inch tablets or 10 inches, Samsung has decided to offer a product attached. But make phablet (smartphone and tablet at a time) in a screen of 5.3 inches needed to adapt a bit the way they used this type of product: beyond the grave and reappeared the stylus so dear to the 1990s.

After the surprising success, Samsung has decided to invest a little more niche tablet + pen this year. There is of course the Galaxy Note 2 but also a new member in the family: the Galaxy Note 10.1. This 10-inch tablet takes the best Galaxy Note adapting to really use tablet. Remains to be seen what gives this product compared to other tablets. Is the pen is as relevant as 10 inches by 5 inches? What does the pen in daily use? There’s there a real difference in use? Highly critical as many questions as we will try to elucidate through this test.

I-shape, sides and small defects

Contents of the box:

In the box accompanying the precious tablet, there is a USB cable to connect the Galaxy Tab to a PC or a Mac and an AC adapter. Samsung also delivers in-ear headphones with mic and button, something that others do not find useful. Apart from that, you will also get small booklets including one explaining the interface and use the stylus.

Technical and Design:

PLS 10-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels

processor quad-core Exynos 4412 clocked at 1.4 GHz with 2 GB of memory (RAM)

1.9 megapixel front camera and a 5-megapixel camera with 1080p video recording on the back

GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (a / b / g / n) – a 3G version is

7000 mAh battery

16 GB of storage (a 32GB version is also available)

Android Ice Cream Sandwich, with an update planned soon to Jelly Bean

262 x 180 x 8.9 mm 600g

Regarding features, 2 GB of RAM is a surprise, but do not expect amazing performance because it is mostly additions Samsung made on the system that require to be a memory too large for the system is fluid. Matter, for you it will be totally transparent and you will not notice the difference compared to another tablet.

Level measurements, the Galaxy Note is wider than the iPad but less high, the fault to a different format (4:3 for the iPad, the Galaxy Note to 16:9). Above all, it is thinner and lighter.

The battery for Dell Inspiron 1440 is as big as the New iPad but it will be interesting to see if the consumption is the same as knowing the couple hardware + software is to the advantage of the iPad that Apple mastering each element in the Unlike Samsung Android that adapting that can not always for consumption elsewhere.

At the design of the product itself, Samsung has inspired what he had done for the Galaxy Tab. Failure to copy the competition, or even copy avoids trial. We find two speakers on each side of the screen. Or where it may seem like a detail, you will quickly realize that this is not one.

Indeed, the iPad, the speaker is unique and located on the back of the unit. Except that when you look at something, you look weird with the screen in front of you. Rather than having to choose between the screen and sound bad or very good sound and no picture, Samsung chose to have both at the same time and on the same side. In addition, nothing to spoil, Samsung has opted for speakers of good quality – nothing to do with what we have had with the Archos Gen 10 101 XS for example.

Let’s talk about color: as the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 10.1 is available in two versions: white or dark gray. It is this last version we tested and the colors that appear in picture are not exactly those that emerge when looking at the product.

Before moving on to detail slice by slice, make a small turn by the general impression: I must say that it is rather yuck wow. Unlike the iPad, which uses the finest materials and expensive (metal), Samsung chose the cheap and affordable (what plastic). It shows a product that does not really want to be taken over and attracts very visible fingerprints. I think that zooming in on the photo below, you can easily add my fingerprints to the police file. It’s not super great and if you are or want to become a terrorist, go your way because this dell latitude e6500 is too risky.

The other consequence is a feeling of not strength. Try twisting an iPad with both hands, you will especially twisting your wrist. With the Galaxy Tab 10.1, we recommend you to try because it is not you who will take but the tablet. Note the advantage of the hospital is that you are paid, can not be said for the service but it’s still up to you what you prefer.

To continue on what is seen when looking at the product side, we find the camera on the front and a light sensor. However, the quality is rather poor so do not count on it to send the great photos to your friends when you’re on the other side of the world on a paradise beach.

Take advantage of the presence of the light sensor to evoke a function incorporated in the system, the adjustment of the brightness of the display automatically according to the brightness of the surroundings. We were very disappointed by this function but it is usually on the shelves, adaptation to light context that is often improved.

Now speak of the screen. If we were a teacher and we had to fill out the report card of the tablet to “screen” you would write “could do better”. We must admit that 1280 × 800 is sufficient for a tablet but the iPad Retina us to want more. Especially since the screen is not even 1080p unlike many competitors. In terms of color, rendering the air less accurate than other screens but here we go in a more personal opinion and others may think differently.

About the brightness of the screen: at its peak, the screen is very visible in low light while it is lower than the iPad which is a very good thing. I often watch programs catching up on a shelf when it’s very dark around me and I appreciate a backlit display as possible. The Galaxy Note 10.1 is better able to satisfy me that the iPad at this level, I am delighted.

On the bottom, we find the 10-pin connector very similar to Apple before its proposed range of mobile products. Samsung change he to go to a copy of the port lightning? It was not until season 2 of “patents are great and the copy is even more awesome” to know and as you say the suspense is almost unbearable. Stop joking, operation is exactly similar to what on an iPad so if you have an iPad and you think switcher to a Galaxy Tab 10.1, you will not be disturbed.

Also note a microphone to the connector right because everything you say can be used against you it must be a microphone to record our conversations on Skype hectic.

Now on to the top. We can see from left to right: the jack, the infrared sensor, the microSD slot, volume buttons and the on / off button.

If the placement of the on / off buttons are logically above, we are more cautious for the volume buttons. Instead of being faced with a vertical up and down button, we are faced with a button left and right which is not very explicit to raise or lower the volume. We would have preferred to see on the side of the unit, it would have been explicit.

Good for the infrared sensor which will use the Galaxy Tab 10.1 as a remote control. By cons, putting the jack port on top is not very relevant since the cable will then come to rest on the screen to reach the ears, unless you pass underneath. Again, we would have preferred to have it on the side as much as the iPad tablet is size 16, 9, is used most often in landscape mode. Note that we have not removed all the plastic as you can see from the infrared sensor. This is not a defect or anything, just the protection when you receive the product.

Finish our tour virtual tour of the unit through the back of it.

Again, fingerprints are very visible even if it does not necessarily see in the picture. Little to say except that the rear camera is average (it is always better than less) but again for your vacation photos, consider a dedicated device rather than using the tablet.

Another essential element for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and visible to the rear, the S stylus pen. It fits into a space dedicated to the back of the tablet to avoid losing it. Once out of its location, the software will display TouchWiz new options but we will come back a little later in the test.

Shorter than a real pen, it fits comfortably in your hand and is very light. It has a physical button and 1024 levels of pressure. Well, that is what the documentation says because in reality 1024 levels or 512, I’m not really sure you see the difference. A note referring to the pen than any Wacom pen will do if you lost your S Pen since it is the same technology.

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Windows 8 :The Drive Extender technology

30. November 2012

Windows 8 is an opportunity for unexpected revival. The Drive Extender technology designed for Windows Home Server first name, and buried with Windows Home Server 2011 for reasons that we still do not understand.

Anyway Spaces Storage Spaces Storage or French, is the spiritual successor because Drive Extender allows you to create storage pools. The idea is to aggregate multiple physical disks internal or external, whatever their size, to make one accessible from Windows. The Dell Inspiron 1564 operating system will load seamlessly dispatcher data between physical disks regardless of their size, format, and interface. For the user, the immediate benefit of his experience greatly simplify storage without increasing the drive letters in particular. Better technology can recycle old USB drives eg for larger storage space.

Among the features of this implementation in 2012 of Drive Extender, there are additional security options at the data replication to ensure that they are not lost. The default mode is thus proposed to copy the same data on two drives to prevent failures. It is possible to overcome this security, or to choose a reinforced using a third disk, your data is then copied onto three discs and protected, even if two hard drives showed failed. In a configuration where two disks are a pool, if you disconnect one drive the entire pool becomes inaccessible. What’s more, by connecting one of these disks to another Windows machine, its contents remain invisible.

Windows To Go

With Windows 8, Microsoft offers a much-requested feature: the ability to create a USB key where we find and live a full version of its operating system. The idea is to lug around its OS with its settings, its apps and documents to start to find their working environment on any computer.

Pitch your fancy? Probably. Unless you prevent that as a result, Windows To Go is available in Enterprise edition of Windows 8. Unfortunately we do not find this feature on consumer versions of the OS whether Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro.

To create the key Windows To Go, go to the wizard of the same name found in the Control Panel of Windows 8 traditional (Enterprise edition so). Hardware side, you need an external USB device with 32GB of free space. Attention, following keys are not removable conventional supported. Microsoft strongly recommends the use of Dell Studio 1558hardware USB 3.0, but USB 2.0 devices are in fact supported.

Specifically, once a carrier compatible destination is found, the wizard prompts you to specify the location of the source image to deploy Windows 8 (you can find it on your USB flash drive Windows 8 installation) and offers of activate or not the BitLocker encryption. For further operations there has to wait.

Media creation finished, it can be used to boot any PC (you will of course choose the drive you just created as bootable media). Windows 8 support obviously generic drivers for each system, a step which takes a few minutes at first start and the rest requires a reboot. At the end of this, we personalize the system as after the initial installation of Windows 8 theme choosing, Wi-Fi, computer name and Microsoft. Parameters which are preserved in the future regardless of the machine used. Once your Windows To Go started a revolution in the file manager will show you that drives the host are disabled: go to the management computer to go online system disks.

And of course, we must keep the support Windows To Go connected to the system so that it remains usable: by unplugging the system freezes and when you reconnect the Windows To Go, the system becomes operational with a message prompting you not to repeat this kind of manipulation.

Management of multi-screen

We waited for Windows 7, Windows 8 is finally Microsoft decided to improve the experience of multi-screen operating system. Found a way to clone or extended display. Customization options of wallpaper already mentioned above, there are two interesting possibilities.

Firstly we can consider placing on the first screen and the Modern UI interface on the second screen Windows desktop or at least part of the office. An attractive scenario that could help overcome some disadvantages including the permanent switch between Modern UI and office. Modern UI aficionados will remember them for that Metro can not be displayed on two screens simultaneously. This means that the Metro Apps … no more. For use as the start screen Modern UI is displayed on the screen number 1, the launch of a Modern UI does not disappear in favor of a bigger office, suddenly even with two screens that are kept phenomenon of alternation between the office and Metro because Metro is not displayed at all times. Note the possibility of sending a Metro app screen 1 to screen 2 by typing and send it to the other screen.

Another new flagship management of multi-screen lies in the fact that each screen now has its own Taskbar. In fact the applications open and épinglent the right to monitor work organization much more flexible on this type of environment. Furthermore Microsoft provides configuration options here fairly complete with the ability to choose which taskbar buttons appear.

Note that in this multi-screen configuration, each monitor preserves its hotspots: task switcher and toolbar are obtained in the same way. In use it is confusing, because it was soon done by calling the toolbar of the screen 1 to overflow its mouse pointer on the screen 2 …

Windows features

Windows 8 introduces a new management modules and additional components via the dialog “Windows Features”. By default, a number of more or less advanced features are not installed with the system. We must therefore make a detour to activate this module, with sometimes a reboot.

The irony is that the. NET framework from Microsoft is one of the optional modules! This is the same dialog that can also uninstall or disable certain system components.

Add functionality to Windows 8

If the dialog “Windows Features” mentioned above for the components installed with the Latitude E5500 OS or not, should not be confused with the module “Add Features” found in the Control Panel and allows classic example acquire the pack Windows Media Center.

Windows Defender is an anti-virus

Windows 8 still has its module anti-malware called Windows Defender. Integrated for the first time in the heart of the OS with Windows Vista, it evolves logically with Windows 8. If the interface undergoes some modifications the big news is the inclusion of antivirus functionality that was previously lacking in the software. Windows Defender indeed benefit from the technology developed by Microsoft’s Security Essentials.

Troubleshooting options reviewed and expanded

With Windows 8 traditional advanced startup options of the OS that obtained previously by pressing F8 at boot, have disappeared. Microsoft argues in effect that the startup time of Windows 8 is so short on some devices it does not leave time to press F8. So, Redmond teams have developed a new mechanism while offering an elegant solution to the problem of paliant decay with time of a Windows installation. This is the “Starting advanced” Windows 8.

Accessible from the Control Panel of Windows 8 Metro (but also from a boot disk Windows 8), under General, how “advanced start” requires a reboot via the button “Restart Now”. We then discover buttons with icon on a blue screen, exit lines of text on a black background of the old safe mode!

It is then possible to update the PC or reset. In the first case, the update, applications and personal files are copied to a secure area of ​​the drive and reinstalled Windows before these are fed back. In the second case, ie reset, Windows will simply erase your hard drive and all its contents before installing a new version of Windows 8 (it will support the passage connect valid installation of Windows 8 for instructions.)

What’s more, Microsoft offers some options in “Advanced Start” to address situations in which access to the command line or boot with the basic drivers.

Windows Update: some changes

The Windows Update service continues to evolve with Windows 8. Microsoft made some changes and there, Metro requires two ways to access Windows updates, installation promises to be less disruptive to the user. The reality is that the layer of servicing the OS has not really changed since Windows Vista and in practice it always restart to apply some updates from the use by some system files to be upgraded. Microsoft thus simply consolidate restarts grouping in a single pass installing updates requiring a reboot and not imposing directly said restarting the user prefers to give him a few days.

In use, we note that the updates offered by Windows Update in the Metro environment is limited to critical updates. Must return to the office to find details of the optional updates and updates to any hardware drivers.

A task manager reviewed

Another development in the heart of Windows 8, the Task Manager. Again, Microsoft offers us two viewing modes: a simplified and one advanced. In his view the most basic task manager simply lists the applications running (and not services, processes, etc..) And allows to terminate a click. It is very similar experience here with Mac OS X keyboard shortcut CMD + ALT + ESC. Note that the display task manager applications simplified mixture Metro and desktop software.

In verbose mode, the task manager is more accurate. We find a listing of applications and processes with each, and this is new, occupation CPU, memory usage, and the use of disk bandwidth and network. As for the simplified view, the Metro applications are mixed with desktop applications and of course the button “End Task” can terminate an application. The Performance tab is still there, but the representation is different: more cutting default logical processor (except right click), and as an indication of the memory usage remains there for the arrival of indicators HDD, Ethernet network connection and Wi-Fi It was previously going through the Resource Monitor to get a similar level of information.

Among the new arrival emphasize the tab “Startup” which allows you to view the software is running with Windows and disable them as needed. Summarizes the historical consumption of system resources since each application by a given date. Found a tab dedicated to services for consulting services running and stop them if necessary (or to restart it again).

Windows 8 for use

For those who have already read the passage on “Modern UI in practice with the mouse and keyboard”, this passage will be some repetition. The purpose is wider than back yet again on Metro since it is primarily to discuss our daily experience of Windows 8.

Daily on a desktop PC Dell Vostro 1320 with a keyboard and mouse, Windows 8 surprises. A good surprise to start: quick start is quite impressive, especially on configurations based SSD. Of course, the second surprise comes from the Modern UI interface that appears in place of the office without the user can select the boot environment. This is regrettable and the first reaction is often click on the tile “Office” to find himself in a familiar environment.

Provided the presentation of the Start screen Metro is nice, because then we denote relatively uncluttered still some omissions. The most annoying everyday is the lack of time display. It does not look anything like that, but return to the desktop or show the toolbar to have the time … it is still impractical.

Level hardware compatibility, we did not encounter any major concern. Windows 7 x64 driver for our card Adaptec Serial ATA seems problematic since one of its sub drivers is not compatible. Fortunately this does not prevent access to data related to our various discs AHA1430. Drivers for our TV tuner are conspicuously absent while our HP to settle for limited functionality (note: since the initial publication of this test, HP has posted drivers for our full Windows 8 C310a Photosmart Premium). As for our sound card Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD, it has functional Windows 8 drivers, but the Dolby Digital or DTS … Software side, our tests did not reveal obvious incompatibility. However, we upset about the lack of. NET Framework in OS which requires manual installation separately.

Once our software deployed, the Metro Start screen unsurprisingly became a maze populated moult shortcuts and it will take its troubles patiently to reorganize everything. From the desktop, all goes well … almost like Windows 7. Except of course the lack of menu. Must be with and make new habits, especially to launch its software. Between pressing the Windows key and keyboard input the program name or use the shortcut “Windows + R” and then typing the name of the executable or the shortcut “Windows + Q” to activate the Research charm … all roads lead to Rome, or rather its application. For users accustomed to the workflow start menu is clearly interrupted by the passage Modern UI when he must take the crease and choose their preferred shortcut … or put shortcuts on the desktop. In all cases we lose the start menu functionalities, such as the list of recent documents to Word (or any other compatible application), and it will pin its application and then access these documents from the recent Jump Lists, opened with Windows 7 (right-click the icon on the taskbar).

We appreciate the way the improvements in file management operations and in particular for copy / paste. Some details, however irritate. A click on the icon network or Wi-Fi reveals a sidebar Metro open on the desktop dell xps m1330 battery , while for a legacy Windows application running in full screen pressing the Windows key that was used to show the taskbar to quickly see the programs running and eventually switch to one of them returns us to … Metro Start screen. While we still ALT-TAB! Right click on the desktop to the Trash shows the command “Pin to home screen” (which will for the trash?) The same height level as the entry “Empty Trash” on previous Windows: often suddenly to pin the basket home screen by mistake rather than empty. As for MSN aka Windows Live Messenger, its use on the desktop raises some concerns parallel to the Message application integrated because if you use the same account with both apps, you get twice the posts and on the desktop when the window MSN flashing warning Metro comes with a slight delay.

It’s not all negative, however, and sometimes we take pleasure. This is true for our traditional desktop dock application as the Metro Monde.fr or weather app. In this case we say that still spend so much pixels to display the temperature is a great waste of space compared to Windows 7 where the corresponding widget only occupied a very small area compared to the display.

Side stability, Windows 8 seems to be relatively successful in its final version. Fast, the system has failed our little different machines. The rest we have not yet seen the final version with the new replacing the traditional blue screen BSOD screen and what is on our test laptops, tablets and other desktop PC.

Modern UI applications delivered as standard

Since Modern UI is now the reference environment, Microsoft Windows 8 book with a number of applications Metro. These are pre-installed and meet needs fairly basic. We find for example a calendar, contact manager or an instant messaging client to read his mail in addition to Internet Explorer.

Each of these applications running in full screen mode and Microsoft will continue to evolve steadily, along with the rest of the operating system. For now, we must admit, despite several updates, the level of functionality offered by these apps is low. In other words, it looks forward to the next developments.


Side of the Calendar application, is entitled to a full screen and synchronize with your Exchange accounts, Hotmail and Google (!). Options for the app to enable or disable the schedules of your choice while it has, of course, reminders and notifications for appointments obviously with the ability to create its own events. Note that if the Facebook calendar is well managed, it is deactivated via the setting “Birthday Calendar”. Why the hell did not you call this calendar just Facebook?


The Mail app with three columns presentation has already been much ink. Three columns display folders and mails accounts in the left column, the contents of each file for Central and preview the selected mail in the right display. Columns … fixed width. Compatible with Hotmail, Outlook, Exchange (the configuration is sometimes a bit tricky here), Google, Yahoo and IMAP offers application management POP accounts. Yes, but if this interface offers the POP option when you select a message tells you that POP accounts are not supported! In this case, why offer the option?

With a minimalist design reminiscent of the Windows Phone app mail, the Mail app defaults mails the last 15 days: a setting that can be changed in the options. If there are a display in the form of conversation mails, viewing them in full screen is not possible and there is no unified inbox when you have multiple email accounts. And options consultation or editing can be reduced to a trickle: impossible eg resize an image inserted as an attachment to the email that you compose. It is possible to change the font, color or style formatting characters and must select the text and then right click to bring up the contextual editing bar … Adding an attachment is just as intuitive while we always try to empty the command of a sudden the folder “Deleted Items”. And do not move in drag & drop emails from one folder to another … it’s just not expected! As for the print function it is not exposed in the interface: it must call the icon “Devices” in the toolbar to print a message. In short, there has been much more convincing and you bet on the side of perfectly bewildering “+” button which is … to write a new email.


On another note, Microsoft offers a unified contacts app. This includes all your contacts from different accounts: Outlook, Exchange, Hotmail (MSN, etc), but also including Facebook and Twitter as well Skype. All contacts are aggregated and presented with their avatar and it is possible to show only online contacts. If you want to start a text chat, video chat or send an email to contact you first open the form, which is an intermediate step further. The app also allows contacts to track your activity relationships on social networks, but also publish messages directly on Facebook or Twitter for example. Attention during our tests based on our Microsoft accounts we met some difficulties to synchronize with the Contacts app services. This is especially true when our Skype contacts appeared about 24 hours after adding the account. Another strange phenomenon on one of our test machines, during the day all our contacts were listed as offline then of course dozens of them were connected and the app only went back no problem connection to various services.


In turn the Messages application allows you to exchange instant messages with your HTC Desire X MSN contacts in particular (but also eg Facebook). Know the way to start each Windows 8 with your Microsoft account, you will appear online to your contacts. It must go through the application to change its status and connection to “Invisible”. It’s still the only authorized status. And novelty, it is now possible to start a conversation with a contact from the app itself messages. Still, this means yet another intermediate screen listing your contacts online … With a display that is confusing because the online contacts are adorned with a green line while other contacts are listed with no indication of particular connection. While you might think that it is offline contacts incorrectly listed here, it is actually contacts whose status is set to away. And no way to send any file to any of your contacts via this app or receive!

Weather, Maps, Bing, camera

Microsoft also offers a weather application with detailed forecasts and hourly for the next day with geolocation. Remains as it is, Metro requires an app full screen, hit the tile in the Start screen is much more useful. Alongside the weather maps we find an app that provides access to Bing Maps in vector mode function and air route with a geolocation current location (which was totally wrong about 5km on our test PC Dell Studio 1440 Battery it is true without GPS). The Bing search engine has its own app providing access to research and the ability to save the wallpaper of the day to use it on the lock screen of Windows 8.

Computers and tablets with a webcam offer the Camera application to view the video stream without any significant functionality. It seems possible to record the video stream, but we never found it on the computer. In contrast, the timer mode actually takes still images found in the Photo app and note the ability to switch between webcams if your tablet has a front webcam and a digital camera back.

Sport, News, Travel, Finance

There are also lesapplication Sports News, two Metro Apps with information flows that regularly freshen with highlighting of the highlights on the tile corresponding to the Start screen. The app offers tours for its ideas destination …

The app allows Finance logically view stock prices. These are operational for the French market (with Windows 7, the exchange ticker not working for France). To financial news and market quotation adds Parisian ranking higher values ​​increase or decrease and the ability to create your own list of optional value with pinning on the Start screen. Rather than grouping values ​​to be monitored on a single tile, multiply them, each tile is pinned displaying listing only one value at a time.

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HP Pavilion G7-1300

11. Oktober 2012

HP presents its range of laptops Pavilion G7-1300, a family of 17.3-inch notebooks whose sole purpose is to assist you in everyday tasks without making you spend all your savings. For our test, this is one of the most powerful versions was sent to us: Pavilion G7-1355ef.


To keep his promise of power and price, HP was good to make some concessions and that is the frame that appears to bear the majority. It consists of an old shiny plastic – slightly glittery. If the assembly is correct, some parts, such as wrist, sink when pressed. It is clearly on the entry level.

The keyboard, despite the presence of chiclet keys, suffers from the same problem as the chassis. It is fully functional (separate numeric keypad, well used space), it is still fake. In use, we note a striking short and not always very quiet.

The touchpad has a better appearance. Despite the presence of a coating slightly serrated, it retains a smooth ride and comfortable. Management features such as zoom and vertical and horizontal scrolling with two fingers is also possible.

For its part, the webcam offers image reproduction “classic”. It is again one of a design which will service when needed, but no more.

Lacks USB 3.0, connector G7-1300 still has the means to adequately meet current needs with three USB 2.0 ports, VGA and HDMI output, but also a microphone jack and a headphone jack, a port RJ45 (Ethernet) and finally a card reader. Side optical drive, there is a DVD burner drive.

The rise in temperature, such as the rise in noise is fairly limited. We regret, however, that the expulsion of the air is done by the slice. When using the G7 on our knees, it takes all the heat directly on the legs.

Measures audio inputs / outputs are conclusive. The mic is clean, and the more it is possible to use a traditional headset (2 mini-jack connectors) or a model car kit (one connector at four points, as on smartphones).

Side against pregnant, it’s not fabulous significant harmonic distortion before reaching the maximum volume, frequency response moving. We had hope that a greater portion of the sound spectrum in the green or at least in the orange (graph above). Here, the large gap between the bass and mid-high does not leave much hope for the assessment of listening. And the total absence of higher frequencies is detrimental for music. The noise level can certainly be high but the quality is not at the rendezvous.

The screen

The glossy screen of Pavilion G7-1300 displays a definition of 1600 x 900 pixels. If the amount of information displayed on the screen is correct, it would obviously preferred to find a Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), which is nothing exceptional about this size of notebook.

Anyway, the color rendition is pretty mediocre (delta E 12.2). Recent accuse, among other things, a blue (color temperature to 7900 Kelvin 6500 Kelvin against desired). Side contrast, it is not better: a black level measured at 0.62 cd / m² brightness for 184 cd / m², it does not exceed 300:1. If the use of a calibration profile can make the colors more natural colors, it can do nothing to enhance the contrast.

Configuration tested: Pavilion G7-1355ef

Configuration received test includes an Intel Core i3-2330M, 6GB memory, a graphics card AMD Radeon HD 7450M and 750GB hard drive (5400 rpm / min). Unlike the rest of our assessment test which can be applied to all Pavilion G7-1300 (see box), only the variation Pavilion G7-1355ef is concerned with our comments on performance.


The presence of the Intel Core i3-2330M, supported by no less than 6 GB of RAM, it is guaranteed to run without addicted common applications (office, web browsing, video playback …).

It can also run in a timely manner and in a timely manner heavier calculations (video encoding, image editing …). But be careful, if you practice this kind of activity on a frequent basis, opt for a Core i5 processor or better, Core i7, should be considered. Eventually the time savings can be quite substantial.

Without a SSD or HDD swift (7200 rev / min), the G7-1355ef is a little less than a minute to start and run different software. Extinction is about it a little less than fifteen seconds.


For graphics, AMD is who gets stuck with the Radeon HD 7750M. Perfectly at ease to decode Full HD video, it is however giving away wings 1355ef Pavilion G7-in games. Indeed, past little greedy few titles (FIFA 12 …), you must be willing to make concessions on the level of detail at first, then for the most demanding titles (Metro 2033 …), on definition.


If the dimensions (41.2 x 26.8 x 3.7 cm) and weight (3 kg) of this laptop are not suitable for travel, autonomy measured at 4 hours (video playback, headphones plugged in, screen at 100 cd / m², Wi-Fi and backlit keyboard disabled) allows him to not be too dependent on one outlet. It can therefore be transported from one room to another without necessarily walking charger.

Family Pavilion G7-1300

Family Pavilion G7-computer 1300 is very broad because nothing on the manufacturer’s website there are no less than 13 models with a price difference of about 30% between the two extremes.

Power configurations proposed model is that the office should remain your main activity in a range of variants for activity much larger, as the one tested here (G7-1355ef). It is this last which seems to offer the best power / price.

CPU power is not the only difference can be found between the different versions. The hard disk capacity can also vary from 320 GB to 750 GB

Side graphics, only models with AMD HD 7450M will offer some opportunities Thurs Again, the latter two criteria, the G7-1355ef that seems the most interesting since it includes both a hard disk of 750 GB graphics card AMD HD 7450M.

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Compaq Presario V5000

Toshiba Satellite U405 Series





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Asus Zenbook UX31A

27. September 2012

The latest in the series of Zenbook HP Pavilion DV3 is probably not very original, with a design that has been known for quite some time but it is very attractive. Outside no surprises, there is a frame of high quality aluminum. The colors chosen are sober (dark gray screen and raw aluminum for the base) and the finish is among the best we have encountered in the PC world. If one were to fault, it is on the side patchwork caused by the different finishes used. To look more closely, we find nevertheless that HP Pavilion DV4 is slightly heavier and a little thicker than its predecessors. If there is only one millimeter and sixty grams, it also shows that Asus does not hesitate to change its chassis needed.

The connection has been enriched since HP Pavilion DV6 and is now well stocked for a 13 inch. There are three USB ports (all version three), HDMI and mini-VGA and a card reader. Small wonder, Asus delivers with his machine adapters mini-VGA to VGA, USB to Ethernet and even a protective cover. Attention that we appreciate as it became rare. The keyboard is large and comfortable and it is now backlit. In addition to a manual setting, a brightness Compaq Presario V5100 sensor is provided for adjusting the lighting.

The touchpad of HP Pavilion DV7 left us with mixed feelings, imprecise and not always the manager “gestures”. After a few days of using the UX32VD we can say that there are better. It is generally more responsive and gestures are better supported, but it is still a good notch below the best PC, without even mentioning the Macbooks …

The HP Pavilion DV6000 is the first representative of the second generation ultrabook we test. But more than a simple change of processor, Asus model stands out thanks to its Full HD screen!

The Asus ultrabook Dell Latitude E6400 looks like two drops of water to its predecessor, the UX31. It is in the old pots you make the best soups. This is what Asus had to say in designing the UX31A. It is therefore in the presence of a chassis designed all-aluminum design strongly reminiscent of the Macbook Air from Apple. If it can do a few eyebrows frown we must admit that there are worse inspiration. The Dell Latitude E5400 is distinguished by openly treating its aluminum hull, rendering brushed turned more “industrial” than Apple. It is pretty solid and although we must admit that we would like Asus is fixed once and for all on a color. This effect appears Zenbook three different rendering depending on whether one looks at the screen, the bottom of the machine or the palmrest. Personally I am very contented one, just to get a little more uniform appearance. The build quality is impeccable with parts fit perfectly. Dell Latitude E5500 has not lost his touch.

Full connectivity

The Dell Precision M6400 connector is a standard 13-inch, two USB ports, micro-HDMI and a card reader. Good point, Asus provides in the box VGA and Ethernet adapters and a protective cover. We would like all manufacturers do the same (yes Apple, I look at you) … If we had “chouiner” a little we regret the lack of Thunderbolt connector which begins to spread quietly in the high-end PC Dell Studio XPS 1647.

With 1.3 kg on the balance Zenbook is placed in the middle of the high category. This weight is for the use of aluminum, which makes it particularly strong.

The Dell Studio XPS 13 keyboard is still successful and is now backlit. Type long can be uncomfortable, however, since the angles of the machine a little bite in palms. The touchpad gives us mixed. If it is accurate and has a nice touch, the game software suffers from several flaws. The gestures (zoom with two fingers …) are too uncertain and especially the palm of the hand is badly ignored, which is very annoying when you type text.

A little Full HD

Dell Studio XPS 16 Using a Full HD 13-inch screen is the big novelty of this model. So certainly we are less impressed since the release of Retina Macbook but we must admit that this Zenbook ships finest screen we’ve seen on a ultrabook. Asus has had the good sense to move to an IPS viewing angles are very wide now. The Dell Studio 1735 brightness and contrast are also excellent and the colors are vivid. Icing on the cake, the slab is matte, which is known greatly improves readability. The very high resolution is a real pleasure for both work only to enjoy a film. We will just have to increase the font size in Windows settings to make it a little more readable.

If the display impresses you can not say the same of her. Despite marking the Bang & Olufsen integrated speakers are simply poor, we must therefore fall back on headphones to enjoy good sound.

The Dell Studio 1555 screen is not the only thing to have changed. The UX31A indeed uses the latest generation of Intel processors, called Ivy Bridge. Without a revolution latter sees performance increased by about 15% in fuel consumption and now includes USB 3.0 natively. More interestingly, the integrated graphics performance sees double. The HD4000 will not be provided capable of running recent games in full HD, but it is a good step forward. The Dell Studio 17 Core i7-3517U (double heart at 1.9 GHz) and 4 GB of memory we ensure good overall performance. It is however a little less satisfied with the SSD that is far from what is best in the moment. Note that two versions (128 and 256 GB) are available. No explosions performance but so will the progression UX31A a little more comfortable to use on a daily basis. We also note that the Widi, which transmits sound wirelessly from a Dell Vostro 1015 screen, is now in the game. Rather well thought out, this technology is currently under-utilized because of the lack of screens using the native.

The Dell Precision M4400 screen is a treat for the eyes. And because it adopts a resolution Full-HD! In addition, the brightness is high, excellent contrast and relatively accurate color. IPS requires, the viewing angles are wide and we can use his laptop Dell Latitude E5400 at all times. Another miracle, the slab is matt and perfectly readable in direct sunlight.

Of course high resolution causes some readability issues, it will not hesitate to drive the expansion of fonts for comfort. Without competing with the Macbook on board the Retina slab notebook that easily takes the second place. We are especially impressed that the display is clearly better than the one used on the Dell Latitude E5500. One can only hope that Asus continues on this path.

Note that the speakers are surprises correct for this type of machine. The sound is clean enough not to want to insert rods into the eardrums and the whole is powerful enough sound to a small room.

This notebook Dell XPS M1530 does not heat excessively and is rather quiet. The autonomy that exceeds 5:30 ET correct, even if it does not reach the 7:00 Folio 13 HP. The charger itself is very compact (and nice) which is rather rare for a ultrabook.

The Dell XPS M1730 is an evolution of a solid foundation. With a nice frame, very well finished and generous trade policy (adapters supplied, miracle!) Zenbook could this just be simply a good ultraportable. Asus, however, did not rest on its laurels we laying a simple update carrying a more powerful processor. With its beautiful display the Toshiba PA3817U-1BRS arises as the best ultrabook of time. There are still some small defect as a touchpad that sometimes makes his own or a format that could be more compact if Asus had done more for screen edges, but it is overall a more balanced the Ultrabook. A job that pays a little expensive but since UX31A still costs 1300 euros. It is expensive but there is currently no real competition at this level except maybe the Compaq Presario CQ61 Series 9 13-inch version.

Puzzling that the bowels

The configuration is a muscular Ultrabook Compaq Presario M2000 with a processor Intel Core i7-3517U, 4 GB of RAM and a dedicated graphics card. Admittedly, the GeForce 620M used is far from being a great warrior, but it adds a little punch to all, especially for video editing or photo editing that operate Nvidia CUDA acceleration. However the game will be difficult, especially if you want to use the native resolution. Even Compaq Presario V2000 have a dedicated chip you wonder why Asus did not choose something more powerful, such as a GT640M.

It also regrets that the Compaq Presario M2500 manufacturer has opted for a hybrid solution for storage, we believe an SSD is much more suited to a high-end machine. At worst hackers can without too much trouble to change the disc, the bowels of the machine is easily accessible (and bonus, the opening does not break the warranty!). Overall performance Compaq Presario V2100 Series put this at the top of the basket of Ultrabooks. Only real downside, the battery life is disappointing. With about three and a half hours video playback, it is far from the best in the industry. Metal frame forces the bottom of the notebook can become quite hot, but nothing unbearable.

The Compaq Presario V2200 does not appear to be quite useful when we received it. After all, Asus Ultrabook already proposed a Full HD … However we must recognize that the manufacturer has really improved its copy, the particular screen is simply superb. Sold 1150 euros, this Ultrabook is certainly expensive but well worth it. Finally, the main competitor is probably another Compaq Presario V2600 .we have already tested some time ago. Sold at the same price and also equipped with a Full HD screen, it is lighter but less powerful. For you to see what is your priority, but whatever your choice you can not go wrong!

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Dell Latitude E6400

21. September 2012

During the summer, Dell Latitude E6400 renewed its professional range with the “E” series. There are many improvements over the previous generation including a completely new chassis advertised as particularly rigid and features – often optional – who are upgrading from the competition. The Latitude E can thus receive a screen with LED backlight brightness sensor, a backlit keyboard, HSDPA modem, etc.. At the technological level, the range is of course based on the platform “Centrino 2″ and Dell announced a range quite impressive despite the presence of an NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160m. There are so many things to check with our Dell Latitude D620 Battery premium …

New look

Black and angular, the new Latitude E etrennent what Dell calls the “Industrial Design”. Fans of the famous Thinkpad will not be disoriented! Even large silver hinges with beveled corners are clearly inspired by the design of Big Blue … The double scoring system is still present but the trackpoint inherits a third button, once again, just like the Thinkpad! With the range Dell Latitude D630 Battery, Dell attack so clearly its competitor always in the workplace.

From the first minutes of the grip, the Latitude E6400 mark a clear break with the previous generation (eg D620): Exit plastics painted and moderately stiff. The Dell Latitude E4200 Battery inspires quality and rigidity. In fact, it does not inspire: it’s solid! The opening screen is a central button that leaves an impression somewhat mixed. But the hinges are exemplary. They are firm and wish to hold the screen perfectly in place. No game to lament, not the slightest oscillation of the screen and they keep strictly slab regardless of angle (limited to 160 °).

New chassis!

For information, the first portable Dell Latitude E5400 consumer prices and use a simple plastic shell and ribs provide rigidity … The only metal parts are usually hinges. The Latitude older generation used a frame “device” called “tri-metal”. A name for a highly technical architecture actually quite commonplace now used by mobile phones mid-range … With the Latitude E line, Dell has inspired once more Lenovo to introduce a structure similar to the “Roll Cage” aboard the Thinkpad. The Dell Latitude E5420 motherboard and thus the hinges are grafted on a single piece of metal that provides rigidity copy. Unlike the “Roll Cage” Thinkpad (magnesium structure and outer shell internal plastic), the chassis of the new Latitudes E is “internal and external”. Clearly, some parts of the structure are also involved in the hull and the cell line (especially the back where the hinges attach). In the absence of truly innovate, Dell turn uses a technique very accomplished. Note that Dell and Lenovo are not yet in a totally one-piece chassis as the “Unibody” introduced by Apple with the latest Macbook and Macbook Pro (well ahead of the  Dell Latitude E5500 PC world) …

Under the laptop Dell Studio XPS 13, no question multiple access doors to the various components. A large metal plate “closes” the chassis. Must loosen 3 screws (2 for the hard disk and one for the cover itself) to access the internal components but the rigidity wins as the overall accessibility … You can also highlight the hard drive easily accessible: we do there are only three screws to unscrew to change disc (2 brackets and 1 for “caddy”)! In this idyllic picture, however, we note two caveats. The Dell Studio XPS 1647 hard drive is screwed directly to the chassis (no vibration system like the Thinkpad or Macbook Pro). Mechanical noise therefore tend to be magnified. Fortunately, this is only half evil insofar recent discs (same performance) are quite discreet. The second point “low” is metal against metal contact between the frame and the bottom cover. Despite a good fit and suitable tightening screws, frame issues sometimes “clong clong” fairly typical uninviting. Say they sabotage the perception of strength, they serve the intrinsic quality of the chassis … Simple “pad” easily eliminate these noises …

It turns?

For many of our readers, silent operation, especially in office is an important if not crucial in choosing a laptop. The Latitude E5500 we tested a model with a Core 2 Duo P9500 (2.53 GHz Penryn FSB 1066 MHz 6 MB cache) and a Quadro NVS 160m 256MB (580 MHz for the core and 16 stream processors at 1450 MHz), a configuration quite muscular for a 14 inch. Despite this power (albeit modest in 3D), the ventilation is triggered only rarely in office. As any fan PWM, starting a diet requires a little high but the speed drops very rapidly. The noise at cruising speed is weak and annoying (breath). Another important point, the fan stops almost immediately after a request from the processor and / or chipset. Only 3D games activate the fan at full power and it becomes audible. Last detail: Notebook heaters generally little … In the end, the Seagate Momentus 7200.3 250 GB is usually the largest source of noise. With an SSD, the Dell Latitude E5520 is a charm!

Pamper the user …

The Dell Latitude E6220 does not simply align the technological qualities. The backlit keyboard – Macbook copied – is one of the best we have encountered. Keys (smooth) are really nice to the touch, is exemplary firmness, running is good and it is quiet. Personally, I prefer even a “ICES” Thinkpad (note: NMB is the subcontractor that produces the “best keyboard IBM”). The Dell Inspiron 1520 lighting is controlled and may turn off automatically when the keyboard is not used or left on. Attention, the backlight option is charged € ~ 50 …

Without Trackpoint match the IBM scoring system “to stick” is correct. I must say that the addition of the third button is for many … However, the “cap” is quite small, rather poorly done, too soft and it does not provide as good a grip as the Thinkpad. In addition, it does not exceed enough buttons … Do not worry, it is quite feasible! The Dell Latitude E6320 touchpad recognizes movements of zoom and scroll “round and round” (like Samsung). Unfortunately, it does not autoscroll continuous or programmable zone and is not multitouch … Small detail, the palm rest is also metal … But unfortunately, like all metal parts of the Latitude E6400, it retains all traces fingers!

1440×900 screen with LED backlight is excellent. With the brightness set to 5 or 6, it competes with a TFT with a conventional neon. Maximum (level 15), the Dell Latitude E6420 screen is too bright for indoor use. Given the current weather conditions, it is difficult to estimate readability outdoors but without going too far, it should also be good. In the evening, a backlight set to 2, 3 or 4 is more than enough. A light sensor can dynamically adjust the backlight, which increases the autonomy … The angles are in the middle, without more, while color rendering is downright good and the backlight is uniform. Sump screen defends pretty well especially for a side stiffness model also end.

Multimedia, communication and connection

The Dell Latitude E6520 is equipped with a webcam, a microphone and a pair of speakers. If the first two do their job, the “speakers” are poor with his metal too. One would wonder if most Windows sounds were not changed until the record is different … Fortunately, the headphone jack does not suffer from this defect! The memory card reader is mounted on the front type SDHC but it did not recognize all SDHC test. Finally, the good old analog VGA port is supported by a digital DisplayPort.

Communication side, our Dell Latitude E6510 top model provides: Intel Wifi Link 5300 AGN Intel 82567 Gigabit V92 modem, Bluetooth and HSPA EDR (Broadcom). ESATA and FireWire complete the package. Infrared goes out the window … One ExpressCard slot and a docking connection can extend the capabilities of the machine.

Small details …

Dell Inspiron E1405 Battery has apparently treated its Latitude line E in detail. Thus, the power outlet is located at the rear as well as RJ11 and RJ45. The four USB ports are located on both sides of the laptop. Left or right handed, no cables will be penalized by adding an external mouse … Note that the lower left USB port is combined USB and eSATA! And yes, you might as well connect a USB device as a hard drive eSATA. Frankly practice! Usually placed in the wrist rests, the biometric reader is here next to the keyboard, as the speaker. This is more convenient when the laptop is used on the knees (provided they are handed) … In this type of application, we also appreciate the completely flat and smooth bottom of the laptop Dell Inspiron E1505.

The lights are blue including the webcam and the LED placed into the supply side laptop. The marriage of blue and black is a success story that gives the Latitude E a compromise between “restraint professional” and trendy design … Dell has not yielded to the latest fashion of placing areas tactile volume control or multimedia features. To assist the keyboard, the Dell Inspiron E1705 Battery relies on three buttons increase and decrease the volume and mute. Simple, clean, functional and unadorned: they love …


The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is a laptop 14 inches wide. It displays 2495 grams on the scale with high battery capacity of 85 Wh. As on Thinkpad T40p since it exceeds the back of the laptop. If the Latitude E6400 is one of the smaller models with 335 x 244 x 33 mm, do not forget to add 20 mm in depth for the battery “beyond” … The adapter is quite large (145 x 70 mm ) but very flat (16 mm), which facilitates the storage. And nothing to spoil, Dell Inspiron 13R is equipped with a two-pin plug (without unnecessary grounding). Side weight, it is a good average with 400 grams including cables. However, you will not have to wrestle you all day long because the autonomy of up to 6 hours with WiFi active and backlight controlled by the light sensor. With the backlight set to 50%, it is still 5 ½ hours under the same conditions … A perfect laptop for all mobile!

We can also note that the chipset Intel PM45 (Cantiga) enjoys a 65nm (although it is still ICH9m 130 nm) against 90 nm for PM965 machines Santa Rosa, which is beneficial for autonomy.

Dell Inspiron 1200 Last detail related to mobility, modular bay that contains a DVD burner Matshita here UJ862A is now 9.5 mm high (like the Thinkpad T Series) against 12.5 mm before. That would produce chassis as thin as competitors but in return, Dell no longer offers optional battery bay. It must pass through the battery slice that enhances the laptop quite significantly.


Dell Inspiron 1300 With a Core 2 Duo P9500, a Seagate Momentus 7200.3 and 4 GB of DDR2-800, this machine is swift frankly, whatever work to do. By cons, do not expect anything in 3D graphics chip as the Quadro NVS 160m. It is not more powerful than the Quadro NVS 140 that the Thinkpad R61 team tested last year … It does also not better than the FireGL V5000 and Radeon X1600 in T60 and T60p from 2006. Many opt for a model equipped with a GM45 PM45 instead of torque and Quadro NVS 140m. Without using the optional battery of 85 Wh, autonomy should be of the same ilk.

Dell Vostro 1520 here is not much to report about the performance but about the DVD compression. Indeed, the Latitude E6400 request almost a minute longer than the Thinkpad T61p with a less powerful processor. Curiously, the CPU load fell regularly for no logical reason.

Momentus, Digitus USB 2.0

We took advantage of the presence of the Dell Inspiron 14R eSATA port to test the Seagate Momentus 7200.3 250GB of origin in the internal bay and via eSATA and USB 2.0 via adapter Digitus and through a housing IcyBox. Connected via eSATA, the drive is as fast as in its internal bay (which is normal). Note that to take advantage of the “hot plug” eSATA, ICH must be configured in AHCI. Mode or IDE compatible, connect the disk causes system hang … Between USB and eSATA, the average transfer rate from 17 Mb / s to 72 MB / s. Sans comment! In these tests, we installed the system on a OCZ Core who is unfortunately clamped at ~ 110 MB / s read. In contrast, the Dell Inspiron 1464 Intel X25-m fully expressed!


With its range E Inspiron 1545 Battery, Dell introduced a new chassis that combines highly effective stiffness and accessibility. The change is also reflected in a change of look and the transition to the Industrial Design clearly developed to attract fans Thinkpad. The Latitude E6400 that we tested is equipped with the most powerful components for a 14 inch wide but it does not heat and fan noise never run more than necessary. High performance, the Toshiba pa3817u-1brs is also a reference in terms of autonomy: up to 6 hours battery with 85 Wh. To avoid spoiling anything, the keyboard and dual pointing are really perfect. They easily seduce any unconditional Thinkpad! Especially with the keyboard backlight option that matches the comfort of Thinklight. Still on the strengths, 1440×900 LED screen (optional) controlled by a light sensor is really a must. Default side, we can pin some noise associated with metal against metal chassis and enclosures poor. In the current offering, the Dell Inspiron 6400 is a laptop that we recommend …

Dell XPS M1530: 9.5 / 10

To: Rigid frame, design, finishes, hot little ventilation rarely active and quiet 6:00 85 Wh battery (optional) LED 1440×900 screen (optional), backlit keyboard (optional), 4 USB ports including a combined eSATA , DisplayPort, very good keyboard, trackpoint, 3 buttons, except leading performance …

Cons: … 3D pregnant poor, many options, noise chassis bit programmable touchpad, trackpoint cap of poor quality.

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5. Juli 2012

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